Sandcast Lead

Through our sister company Sand Cast Lead (UK) Ltd we can also offer a bespoke range of sand cast lead rolls. These are manufactured in the traditional way of pouring molten lead on a specially prepared bed of sand.

Although primarily used on churches and other prestigious buildings, sand cast lead can be used on any building where codes 6+ are required. Due to the hand made nature of the product, all rolls are made to order and represent the exact size that you require for the job.

The dimensions of the casting table we use enables a maximum roll size of 1.2mtrs wide by 6mtrs in length and any dimension of roll within this is possible. This ensures that you have minimal wastage and usually a reduction in cost.

Sand Cast Lead (UK) Ltd have provided lead for several of the UK’s most well known and loved buildings including the Tower of London, St Pauls Cathedral, Chatsworth House etc, as well as many of the local churches which adourn our villages, towns and cities up and down the country.


As part of the production process Sand Cast Lead (UK) Ltd utilise a large amount of scrap lead and are therefore always on the look out for good, clean recyclable scrap lead. Prices paid are usually higher than the equivalent scrap yard rate.

An additional benefit to using sand cast lead is that when you have stripped the roof of the original lead you can send it back to us and we will recast into the sizes that you want! This has two main attractions i) It reduces the cost significantly – we only charge you for the reprocessing work and ii) It maintains the integrity of the original lead used (which may have been on the roof for several hundred years)!

Please give us a call to discuss your sand cast lead requirements or if you have an amount of scrap lead for sale. Contact Us

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