Although Milled lead Supplies is a new company, our sister company, Sand Cast Lead (UK) Ltd, has been around for seventeen years and has plenty of experience in the lead game!

You can find more detailed information at www.sandcastlead.co.uk but SCL manufacture bespoke traditional sand cast rolls for use on many of the country’s oldest and most prestigious buildings. You can find our lead on St Pauls Cathedral, St James Palace and the Tower of London to name but a few.

SCL also have a thriving Milled Lead sales business including a trade counter in Leicestershire and will continue to do so despite the new company. We already have a reputation of supplying lead at the keenest of prices and with the added buying power of the new company we intend to become even more competitive.

Sand Cast Lead also has vast experience of producing lead ingots in varying forms. We can supply based on one of the moulds already in our possession or to your exact requirements by producing a bespoke mould.

Due to the high volume of lead that is produced, SCL have a constant requirement for recycled lead. Often prices paid are significantly better than paid by scrap yards. Please see our recycled lead page.