Recycled Scrap Lead

CURRENT SCRAP PRICE = PLEASE CALL 0116 2781609     FREE COLLECTION  if over 2 ton – (Dependent on location)

Through our sister company, Sand Cast Lead (UK) Ltd, we are constantly in the market for good clean lead which can be used in our production. In almost all cases we are able to pay more than you would be able to obtain from a local scrap yard. Best prices paid – please call on 0116 2781609 for today’s price.

We have our own vehicle so a collection can be arranged if required. Any amount of lead is of interest. We can also collect smaller amounts of scrap for free if it is tied to a milled lead purchase. For your convenience we can weigh and pay on the spot.

Sand Cast Lead is a responsible recycler of scrap lead. We operate under very strict handling and processing restrictions.

sell-scrap-leadWe are proud that our emissions, for instance, are significantly below the permitted level and our partnership with the local authority ensures that we operate in a safe and responsible manner.