T-Pren Expansion Joint Plus 1.5m x 385mm

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In addition to standard lead T-Pren, lead T-Pren Plus incorporates a protective lead cover strip over the neoprene section to protect from UV rays and foot traffic. This gives a uniform appearance, essential where the gutter may be visible.


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  • Overcomes the problem of incorporating the recommended drip detail when laying Lead-lined gutters
  • Allows for thermal expansion
  • Double bonded for extra strength
  • Lead T-Pren Plus protects against UV rays and foot traffic damage and provides a uniform appearance
  • Proven reliability with over 35 years of use with no recorded failure
  • Backed by a 10 year guarantee
  • Lead T-Pren Plus: 1.5m x 385mm wide


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Weight 15.0 kg

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